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Thread: Just booked Wild Africa Trek!

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    After a bit of thought and a lot of dithering we have decided to splash out and book the new Wild Africa Tour at AK! We have never done a backstage tour, and as we both love animals this one appealed! It only opens on 16th Jan, and is still at an introductory cost.

    Details here! Wild Africa Trek | Walt Disney World Resort

    Can't wait! I shall of course report back so long as we don't get eaten by the crocs And I shall try to pop a hippo in my bag for Dawn

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    If you see any wild flamingos about you know who'd like one don't ya

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    what does it cost

    "Life is a journey not a destination"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorothy, post: 242411
    If you see any wild flamingos about you know who'd like one don't ya
    Dorothy my dear, that fact is hardwired into my brain

    Quote Originally Posted by robertcraig, post: 242415
    what does it cost
    It's currently $129 each as an introductory price, and goes up to $189 at some point. The first one isn't until next Sunday, so I'm hoping to read a review before we do it.

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    Good grief!
    Way too scary for me, but it does sound like an amazing experience. I hope you love it.

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