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Thread: is it possible to open a US bank account ?

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    hiya is it possible and easy for someone from the UK to open a US bank account either from the UK online or when we're next at Disney?

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    We have a US bank account and it was very easy to open but we went into the branch so I'm not sure you can do it online.

    Take some ID with you when you go in and an advisor will guide you through the process.

    We bank with Wachovia and I manage everything online. We use to transfer money to that account and it's free both ends of the transaction


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    We opened our US bank account using a combination of mail and on-line when we bought our villa a few years ago and the process was easy peasy.

    I now do most of the banking on-line and have set up some standing orders to pay the utility bills etc..

    I find having a US account to be very benficial.
    I transfer funds into the account when the $/GBP exchange rate is favourable and this means that when we visit Florida and use those funds, we couldn`t give a hoot about the exchange rate as we are simply spending our $`ss.

    We bank with Regions and fortunately they have a branch at Champions Gate which is close to our villa.
    I have always found the staff there to be very friendly on the rare occasions when we have visited the of them was from the UK on our last visit.

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    We've got a bank account with Sun Trust, they've got a huge bank over the road from DTD. It was vert easy to open but we did do it in person and all we needed were our passports and driving licences. We managed it all online and as slowhand we transfer money to it throughout the year so that it's all there waiting for us to use when we go on holiday

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