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Thread: How long does it take for DME disney magical express to delivery luggage?

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    I understand the timeframe for luggage delivery is quoted at approx 3 hours can someone share their experience on how long it takes for flights coming in later in the day? Our flight comes in around 3:00pm- this is before the 10pm cut off but trying to decide if we will be better off grabbing our own luggage before boarding ME bus. It will be a long day and waiting until 11PM for bags before we can go to bed might not be the best way to start our trip.

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    They should be at your hotel in about 3 hours or so. However, then you'd either have to wait for them to be sorted and delivered to your room or go down and get them yourself (along with possibly a number of other folks).

    I've only used DME twice and wasn't impressed in the least, but others have never had any problems with using them. I usually just grab my own suitcase and then go down to grab the DME bus.

    If you are planning on hitting the parks right away then your bages will probably be there when you get back. If you're just going to hang out at the pool and relax then I suggest packing a change or clothes and bathing suit in a carry on, get a drink from the bar, and just wait for your suitcases to find you

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