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Thread: Can we walk from the Polynesian disney to grand floridian?

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    If we were staying at the polynesian which is a total dream can we walk easily to the grand floridian? would it take a long time?

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    It is only a short walk

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertcraig, post: 242813
    It is only a short walk
    yep we've done it and it only took 10minutes or so and theres a path across

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    It`s quite a pleasant stroll and it takes you past the Wedding Pavillion which is worth a peek at.

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    I agree, its a very nice walk... although a sunny one

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    We walked from the Poly to the GF (took about an hour) and when we almost got to the GF the walkway stopped. We walked by the entrance to the TTC, WL, the CR, and even walked pass the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, then it dawned on us, we had gone the wrong direction.:wink:

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