with flippin BT!!! :mad::mad::mad:

After the performance earlier in the month where my phone line (as well as MANY others) was out for a week, they have now issued my current bill....there are charges on there that i don't even know what they are for, including diversion charges. They diverted calls to my mobile when the phone line was out so i have a feeling it may be for that - THEY MUST BE JOKING.

Anyway, I have tried 3 TIMES to call them today, i hung up on the first after waiting ages, was promised a call back within 1/2 hour the 2nd time which didn't happen, i just called them back and they "can't access my account as they are having technical problems that only affect some numbers" - WHAT?!!!!

They said they'd call me back, i said don't bother - you're making me really angry and I'm going out! GRRRRR