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Thread: What happens if disney cancels the luau

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    if we have tickets for the luau or any other disney show I guess and they cancel it, do they rebook us another day or for another dinner or anything?

    Does anyone know when they decide if theyre going to cancel a show or what criteria they use?

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    I am not sure, I guess it depends on the show... being the luau and the backyard bbq, since you have already paid for it, Im guessing you would get your money back.

    I doubt they would reschedule, since they would be fully or almost fully booked for other dates.

    I think the only reason for cancelling would be the weather.... having said that, I havent heard of either of them getting cancelled

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    The luau, for sure, has been canceled due to inclement weather. On really cold nights it does get canceled. If they can't fit you into another show or your schedule does not permit then they would owe you a refund.

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    Yeah it's been canceled * A LOT* this year/last year. I was staggered in fact by how often it's been canceled in dec/jan

    As everyone says, if canceled you get a refund you do not get any other reservation made for a replacement luau or any other meal and are pretty much at the mercy of where you can find for that evening.

    The general scheme for cancellation is:-
    if temps are below 50, good chance
    if temps approach 45, definitely
    they try to wait until 30-minutes before the show unless so cold it doesn't have a chance, then usually by 4:00pm

    They have recently adopted a cut down version of the show to use instead of cancellation if the weather is cool but not COLD. They all wear different costumes and the whole thing including meal and show is over in about an hour :/ quite honestly I'd rather they canceled it than did the cut down show which is pretty useless
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