Whether its one or two at various businesses, three dozen over at the Peabody hotel or more than 1,000 at Walt Disney World, local tourism business are looking to hire.

Mark Brisson with Fun Spot said the jobs are popping up now for two reasons -- more visitors and expansion plans.

In the coming months, Fun Spot will add more than 200 jobs at their locations in Orlando and Kissimmee.

Brisson said the new employees will be needed because Fun Spot is adding new rides in Kissimmee and is tripling in size in Orlando.

"We've done well for the last couple years. That is why we are growing. We can do well when the economy grows and we can do well when the economy shrinks," said Brisson.

Fun Spot isn't the only tourist business adding jobs though.

Walt Disney World is looking to hire more than 1,500 people for their new Art of Animation Resort. Officials said of those 1,500 people, 800 will be needed to construct the new resort and 750 to run Animation once it opens up in 2012.

Workforce Central Florida also has plenty of jobs advertised on their website. In all, more than 200 jobs are posted under the hospitality subsection. Job descriptions range from hourly janitorial and maintenance positions to $100,000 a year culinary positions.

Not everyone has benefited the recent tourism resurgence.

Carlos Guarilha with Orlando Helicopter Tours said his business is struggling to break even.

Guarilha and other business managers contacted by News 13 said the "luxury" segment of the tourism industry is still struggling.

Guarilha said to lure in visitors, his business has had to slash prices dramatically. The cut in prices has kept helicopter tours afloat, but little more.

"Things are stable but I don't see much improvement, maybe. We are hoping that is going to change," said Guarilha.

Despite the huge success of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando Resort said they are not hiring any additional personal. A park spokeswoman said Universal hired all the extra personnel they needed for the Wizarding World before it opened.