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Thread: If you could work any attraction?

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    If you could work in walt disney world on any attraction or shop where would you work?

    I think I'd really like haunted mansion or possibly the magic kingdom train

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    Ooh, great question. Probably Haunted Mansion for me too, but I'd also like to work somewhere 'spacey', like Mission Space, or Space Mountain - although the cast members don't get quite as involved here as they do at Haunted Mansion, where they all do the British Butler bit and wear cobwebs as part of their costumes.

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    wow good question hmmm erm hmmmm

    i can imagine haunted mansion being extremely cool. I'd love to have a totally creepy dinner party in the main ball room

    I can imagine over night in the magic kingdom being kinda cool

    Must be awesome to be one of the photographers who can roam the parks and take photos for the adverts and things. Not the photopass people but the ones who take the disney promos and things

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    I guess if I could work any attraction I would want to be an engineer on the MK train (but you have to work your way up to that) or a safari driver at AK.

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    A stunt driver in MOTOR LIGHTS ACTION or a captain of the disney boat from MK

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    Haunted Mansion all the way.

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    wow.. this is a great question!

    I had never thought about it... ummm....

    Haunted Mansion does seem quite interesting, but also anything at AK, not an attraction, but being able to be close to the naimals would be nice

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    No doubt about it and I'm sure this won't surprise anyone....

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