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Thread: eat or drink around the disney monorail?

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    I've just read about this in a guide book and it sounds brilliant. People go to each stop on the monorail and sample some food and drink at each place

    Have any of you done it and could recommend certain things to try at each place?

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    You would have to use the "Resort" monorail [the one that goes around the lake in a clockwise direction] in order to do this as the regular monorail travels anti-clockwise, and only goes to and from the TTC to the MK.

    It`s a good way to see/visit the monorail resorts [Poly, GF and Contemp] if you have the time to spare and there are many eateries at any of those resorts.

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    that sounds like a really nice idea!

    I think you would need a lot of time though, to really enjoy each resort and its atmosphere... but if you have the time, it sounds to me like its worth doing

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