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Thread: dinner after the parks closing time?

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    Can we still book somewhere after the parks closed or is it basically just off site restaurants that we can go to? It just seems like there arent many late night options

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    I believe that most [if not all] of the main Disney restaurants do indeed close at or around park closing.
    Some of the resorts do offer a 24 hour food and beverage service [eg. Gasparills`s at the GF], but I don`t think you will have much luck with a very late dining reservation for a sit down meal on site.

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    How late are you talking about. Some of the in park restaurants take ADRs right up until closing time. By the time you have finished your meal you wander out into practically an empty park. I believe that most of the Deluxe Resort Hotels serve meals up until 9 or 10 o'clock.

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