Just a warning....this is a long, convoluted story with many people involved......

Cast of Characters:

Johnie- that's me! I'm 36, red-headed and about as crazy as they come. That's just me by myself.....add my 2 best girlfriends and it gets really crazy!

Alysia-my wonderful, crazy, fear nothing 17 yr old daughter. She usually goes along for the ride.

beccaberry- She is 35. But, for intents and purposes, we shall say she is 36 too! well she introduced herself as Anne to us once upon a time. Now she's Rebecca. I call her Rebecca Anne :p015: She's my partner in crime and assuredly the one who will be there to help me hide a body if need be.

Jon- Rebecca Anne's honeybun. He is a sweetie and has a dry with that makes me laugh. He is supposedly shy but I have never, not one time, seen any evidence of that.

Andrew- Rebecca Anne's son. I have known him forever! He is a funny, sweet teenager and has us all pegged!

Baleigh- Rebecca Anne's daughter. I feel like I haev known her forever too. She was an itty bitty thing when I first met her. She is one of the main reasons we are having this outing. We're suprising the girls with a concert to see the Jonas Brothers!

luvthemouse- she is always been Krista. She is also 36....5 days younger than me. She is my sounding board. And while there is no doubt that she would help Rebecca Anne and I hide the body, she's going to worry we're going to get caught! She has the calming influence over us.

Chris- Krista's hubby. He has a ginormous head like me! It's TWO FEET around. He is also a sweetheart and always puts up with us and our rowdy ways.

Holly- Krista's daughter. She is the other main reason for this outing. She has NO idea we are going to see the Jonas Brothers.....

Jack- Krista's son. My goodness this little 4 yr old boy can make me laugh. He is also the Wii Bowling Champion!! We're going to make him a shirt.....

Bryce- Krista's itty biddy snuggle bunny baby. Between Harley the dog and Andrew, we hardly got to see him