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Thread: disney dinner shows suitability for children?

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    hi which out of the disney dinner shows would be most suitable for small children please?

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    You don't say how small, but we've seen lots of children at Hoop-Dee-Doo.

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    I'd have to agree! I think the Hoop-Dee-Doo would be great for children! But Mickey's Back Yard BBQ might be fun also although I've never been to that one. Maybe someone else has who can chime in.

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    I have done both with fairly young children and they loved both - the backyard barbeque is great if the children would get up and dance with the characters but it can get quite crowded and 'pushy' the food is basic barbeque stuff like chicken, burgers and hot dogs and you sit anywhere on long picnic tables with other people.

    The Hoop de Doo is fantastic and although there are no recognisable disney characters there it is good family fun - my children have loved it both times we have been and it has become a afirm favourite and we have booked to go again this year!


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    We loved the Barbecue with Tatiana, she was 18 months old..

    Yes.. there were lots of kids and a good amount of pushing, especially in the center stage aread around Mickey and Minnie, but they have smaller dance floors to the sides with Chip & Dale and Goofy and then the characters come and go

    Tatiana LOVED the show, the food, the character interaction, etc.... wouldnt think twice about doing it again

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