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Thread: how can I use my iphone in orlando disney

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    help please! how do I use my iphone 4 I think it is in disney? do I need to buy something else while Im there or will it just work?

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    Assuming you are from the UK? You'll need a Sim Card I believe. Either that or be able to intercept wireless networks. I don't have an iPhone so maybe someone with more experience will be here soon.

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    It's really a hard thing, because not a lot of American providers use sim cards, and there are even less that have good data plans on PayGo. What they ideally need is a Pay as you Go plan with a lot of data.

    See this thread for a few ideas;
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    AT&T uses sim cards (USA). I went to Disney World last year (took my android Phone) I had an app for Disney World and had lots of issues connecting to the internet. Most of the time it was asking for me to enter a password. Not sure what exactly I needed to enter. My phone was pretty useless, I was able to use it about a handful of times and I was there for two weeks.

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