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Thread: best restaurant in celebration?

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    I've heard that celebration in orlando is a good place to go for a day trip but no idea what to do there?

    Could anyone recommend some places to go and see or eat?

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    There's nowhere to go as such, Celebration is a Town which was built by Disney but is now a residential place.

    It is one of our favourite places but isn't for everyone as many people think it's a bit ' Stepford Wives'

    We love Thai Thani at Celebration and loads of people love Market Street cafe.

    Have a look at theis link:- Dining in Celebration Town Center

    There are 3 lakes which you can stroll around or hire bikes to cycle ($5 an hour per bike on 001 4907 545 5061)

    Hope you get there - it's a lovely relaxing place :-)


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    We really enjoyed this last time!

    Sadly the cinema had just closed so we had to spend more time wandering around than we expected. The local tavern was very very friendly and the meal we had at the columbia restaurant was absolutely superb

    we'll definitely be going back
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    Another vote for the Columbia Restaurant and this is on our list of "must do`s" for each trip.
    As has been said, there`s not a tremendous amount to actually "do" in Celebration although a leisurely stroll around the lake gives you a good opportunity to see some of the Florida wildlife...there are a few aligators in the lake so take care!
    There are a couple of quiant shops in Market Street, which is a great place to visit during the fall and at Chrismastime when various activities take place.
    The town is fairly big but most of the area is purely residential and everything "happens" around the Market Street area.

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    i love celabration sitting by the lake on the rocking chairs watching the world going by

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