We enjoyed several (several) hours of wine tasting before heading back down the mountain. After which we caught a cab (ok, it was actually called “Gramps Taxi” and I’m pretty sure it was just an old guy in VW Van) and headed back to the hotel, where the bar was just opening. I tapped on the glass and waved to Brian the bartender, he smiled and motioned for me to come inside. Jon was using the facilities, so I popped in to chat for a bit. While I was telling him all about our afternoon, he introduced me to Paul, one of the wine distributers attending the festival. We began to chat and I ended up sitting down until Jon returned…by that time were so engaged in conversation, we ordered drinks and stayed for much longer than we anticipated. Paul invited us to join him for dinner, which we enjoyed on the terrace…Jon and I ordered lobster stuffed halibut with a lemon caper whiite wine sauce and Paul had the New York Strip. Everything was AMAZING, and Paul supplied some lovely wines to accompany our meals. We sat on the terrace until quite late chatting…Paul seemed to really enjoy sharing his knowledge of wines, and Jon and I certainly enjoyed learning.

The next morning we were up bright and early again and drove over to Sugar and Spice for breakfast. We love this place, it’s quintessential Vermont. In the Spring, you can actually watch the maple syrup being made while you enjoy breakfast. It’s lovely and rustic and it’s one of my favorite Vermont stops.

Back at the hotel we run into Paul and thank him again for such lovely company and delicious wine during last night’s meal. Before parting ways, he gives us three bottles of wine to take home with us...they are part of new marketing block being rolled out next month. They are aluminum bottles of wine which are fully lined to prevent a metallic taste. These bottles cool down five times faster than glass and can be taken to the beach, the pool and many other places where glass is a no no. We thank him again and promise to email him our thoughts on the wine (very good actually!).

We check out and start our journey home, stopping along the way to snap a few photos…

We stop at the Vermont Country Store and sample some of their wonderful goodies (including the Lobster Bisque dip we had during our “Girls Weekend”) before arriving back home during the early evening.

I found this funny...especially here where I live in the land of the beautiful people...

Once back in CT, we unpacked all of our Vermont goodies and kicked back on the couch to relax (I guess I should have been cleaning my house for company, but obviously THAT didn't happen :tongue0011-1: )