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Thread: water at Disney

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    ok so orlando water tastes really really bad and I like a lot of water. someone said disney have stopped zepheryllis and gone to desani which also tastes awful but mentione that theres some kind of smart water? Anyway know what that tastes like?

    Is there a better way to get water like having it delivered to our room?

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    We bought a couple of small bottles in walgreens and then one of their big bottles and kept refilling them - cant remember what the name of it was though, sorry.
    I do agree about desani though, i thought it tasted quite salty

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    I don't like desani much either the Zephyrhills always seemed nice to me. The smart water was ok but more expensive for some reason.

    I normally just buy a load from walmart or the mall and keep a few bottles in the fridge
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    Ugh, I hate Dasani and refuse to drink it. I'll drink the water bubbler water first! We do carry those little packets of drink powder for those times when we have to drink from the bubbler, and that's ok.

    Usually though, I get those 3 liter bottles of Zephyrhills at Publix (they are about a dollar) and just carry the darn thing in. Yep, they are big, but I drink it right along, so no problem.

    You can get a drink from the soda machine water spigots too. (For free). But be sure to take only the water. The CMs will stop you if you try to pinch the soda.

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