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Thread: disneyworld without kids?

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    guess we're looking for hints/tips things to do from people who go to disney as single/couple without kids. So we're not interested in all the kid activities but are interested in drinking around epcot and other more adult activities

    having saved for a couple of years we want to make sure we get the most out of it

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    Don't try and drink around world showcase all in one day. Believe me. :wink:

    How about a couple of backstage tours? Most of these are adult oriented.

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    Ah yes, excellent topic close to my own heart

    Well there's so much that a single post wouldnt do it justice, I hope we'll have some pages on our main website about this very topic

    I mean, there are all the rides most of which you dont have to be a child to enjoy. There are any number of fantastic restaurants to enjoy with v&a being at the top of the pile, children not allowed

    There's obviously all the lounges at some of the moderate resorts and all the deluxes. Great way of seeing all the resorts

    Then there are the tours Dawn mentioned! they're really great especially backstage magic and/or keys to the kingdom. There's the segway tour at epcot.

    There's espn at the boardwalk and in fact the whole boardwalk itself! there's pleasure island and so on
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    Well, if you've visited WDW with children or family before, a solo or adults only trip can be a bit different. It really depends on what you enjoy!

    Essentially, you'll still do many of the same things, only your plans will reflect the adults initerests--no matter how old the inner child may be! If you really dislike certain attractions, ignore them. If you love others, ride or see them as often as you want without complaints from others. Of course, if you're traveling as a couple, make sure you're on the same page! Beyond that, it's up to you. Do rope drop or sleep in. Close the parks or relax and kick back at your resort.

    Jellyrolls on the Boardwalk can be a fun venue in the evening. It opens around 7:00 p.m., but gets going around 9:00 p.m. It's a dueling piano format with lots of requests. Be sure to have $$ for the requests. I'm not sure what the going rate is. Downside to this venue: smoking is permitted. Great for those who smoke, not so great for those who can't or prefer not to be around it. There is a cover charge.

    There are many dining venues geared more toward adults than children. V&A is the only one that has a minimum age, so you'll find children at all of the other restaurants, but some don't really cater to young children. It all depends on the child and the parents--they know what suits their family best.

    As Dawn & Keith noted, the tours (except one) are geared to adults--age 16 and up. I've only done KTTK so far, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to do the Yuletide Fantasy tour one of these Decembers!

    Look at the park and resort maps and see what appeals to you. Check out this website and a few others. Keith is doing a magnificent job of getting this site running, but we're working on fleshing out the basics at this point. "We" is all of the members. Although the administrators and moderators do the bulk of the work, everyone contributes on this site!

    Happy planning!

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    Try renting a boat for the Wishes or Illuminations Tour, the Wishes you learn more than you thought you knew about the MK resorts.


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