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Thread: disney boardwalk flying fish?

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    Has anyone been to the flying fish restaurant? we've been trying to get ADRs elsewhere but cant and theyve suggested this one to us

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    We`ve dined there loads of times and it is among our "must do" restaurants when we visit WDW.
    The speciality red snapper dish is really good and they also do reasonable meat dishes for the non fish eaters.
    We also enjoy getting there a bit earlier than the time of our ADR and then after checking in at the podium and been given our buzzer, we head upstairs to the bar area and grab an outside table where we can people watch folk at the Boardwalk until our table is ready.

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    We ate there for the first time this trip and really liked it. OH had the snapper that Slowhand talked about, and I had a delicious scallop risotto. The atmosphere was just right too, a bit of a buzz without being too over the top. A new must-do for us.

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