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Thread: Tell me about the food and wine festival?

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    We've often seen people talk about this but don't really know whats there? Can anyone help explain it? Is it something that we should try and move an entire trip to see or is it not something major?

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    The Food & Wine Festival is my favorite time of year to visit Disney. It takes place at EPCOT. In addition to the countries around the World Showcase there are several other countries that set up food booths where you can purchase food and beverages common to that country. They have cooking demonstrations, and special dining events (available at extra cost), wine tastings, beer tastings, etc. We normally spend 2-3 days of our trip just at EPCOT sampling the foods and beverages.

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    It is a major event and the weekends will be jammed from the beginning of the festival until the very end, so plan on visiting during the week for shorter lines, and less visitors.

    The food samples are fun to try and the wine and beer are too, of course. Plan on not driving. Period.

    There are special ticketed events during the festival, for which you will purchase tickets that range from about $50 to upwards of a couple of hundred, depending upon the event. There are some wine sampling events for about $15 per person.

    Otherwise, you simply tour the world showcase and visit whichever booths appeal to you the most. You purchase your samples, of course but no extra ticket is necessary.

    The festival has changed much over the years. I'll tell you that I loved the previous years much more than what it has come to be, but it's still great fun and I'd not purposely miss it!

    Bring money. It's very pricey once you start sampling the wares!

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    We have some info on this HERE

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