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Thread: downtown disney dining suggestions?

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    I really don't know much about DD. A friend recommended Fulton's Crab House, while another recommended T-Rex or the Rainforest Cafe. Someone else mentioned Raglan Road. The one time we were there we ate at Wolfgang Puck Express, which was very good.

    Ideally, I'd like to make reservations at a child friendly place with good food that isn't outrageously expensive. Is that too much to ask? Probably.

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    I have only eaten at PLANET HOLLYWOOD and RAGLAN ROAD for table service,enjoyed RAGLIN ROAD butdid not like PLANET HOLLYWOOD

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    We`ve been to Raglan Road a couple of times and really enjoyed it there.
    We used to love Fulton`s ages ago when it was the Empress Lily which had a fine dining restaurant upstairs. Their standards have sure dropped when Fulton`s came along IMHO.

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    I would also recommend Raglan Road. They have live entertainment on some evenings and they also take the dining plan, should you choose to use that.

    We had a fantastic dinner at Fulton's last year but didn't visit this year.

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