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Thread: Good afternoon all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beccaberry, post: 24253
    LOL!! And taken in the nicest possible way

    Hi may have known me as "miraclemoments" in another place and time...but it's just me...Rebecca Anne
    well i got that wrong i thought you were "BEC" and i even asked you and you said yes

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    LOL!!! Are you serious hon? Well....I am Bec...just not the Bec you thought....sorry 'bout I need to make an announcement somewhere?

    AHEM!! HEAR YE, HEAR YE....beccaberry is the artist formally known as "miraclemoments" formally known as Annie or Anne presently known as Rebecca or Rebecca Anne

    Clear as muddy water?

    Terry , good to see ya mate Thanks fo remembering me

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