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Thread: Disneys Saratoga springs thoughts?

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    We can get a real good price on saratoga springs but looking at the photos on the web we're not sure about it, has anyone stayed there and did you like it?

    I'll tell you why we're a bit worried, it looks like its huge and not much of an atmosphere so we'd be walking miles to the main building

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    Personally we just love it and it is our home DVC resort. It is a long way to walk from some areas, but it is beautiful, and the grounds are just lovely. All the CM's are great and we like Animators Palate and The Turf Club. You can walk to Downtown Disney too or catch a boat. We walk most days, both ways. I do understand some people don't like the largeness of the resort though. You can catch certain buses around the resort if necessary.

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    Our home resort is OKW, but we've stayed at SSR and really enjoyed ourselves. The grounds are lovely, and the walkways are very nice. We love to walk. Its proximity to DTD is helpful as the only shortcoming of SSR is (like OKW) the lack of food options at the resort. We aren't huge fans of the "food court" area.

    It's a very nice place to stay and we'll do so again.

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    OKW is also my folks' home resort and a favorite since the living spaces are the largest of ALL the DVC resorts.

    That being said, we'll be buying into Saratoga Springs soon. It wins for me as it's near Downtown Disney - quick, short walk. I also like that it's not overrun by screaming kids like the value resorts can sometimes be!

    It is spread-out and looks large, but the main building is easily accessible from all areas via short walk.


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    It is quite a lovely resort. Location is marvelous. I think there could be more on-site restaurant options for such a large resort, but, as mentioned, DTD is right next door or only a short watercraft ride away.

    For those who find walking a challenge, distances can be a bit deceiving here. Some of the units are a bit of a hike from the main areas. IMHO a car would be a nice thing to have here.
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    I've seen folks hop on any random bus just to get dropped off at the next stop to shorten a walk :-)

    Also, they have a huge area in the middle of the Paddock under construction presently. They are adding a second feature pool to the resort since the Paddock pool was small and so far from the main resort feature pool. Looked like it would have all the things that go along with a feature pool - food/snacks and drinks.

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