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Thread: how to get back from the hoop dee doo and aloha luau?

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    I think both of these can finish quite late so are there any buses going back from the hoop dee doo or the luau when they finish or do we have to make our own way back?

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    Back to where?

    Hoop Dee Doo has 3 shows nightly. The last would get out about 11:30. At the very least you should be able to get a bus to DTD and then back to your resort. Worst case scenario would be a cab. If the Magic Kingdom happens to be open until midnight that night you could also take the boat from Fort Wilderness to MK and catch a bus from there back to your resort.

    I've never visited the Luau but the show is about 2 hours and the last one is at 8:00 so you should be out in plenty of time to either go to MK to catch a bus back to your resort or to DTD and catch the bus from there.

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