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Thread: how far in advance should we line up for a parade?

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    I guess its been asked loads and loads but how far in advance do you queue up to get a spot to see a parade or fireworks?

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    I`ve seen folks waiting a heck of a long time in order to watch the parade however we`ve always managed to find a good spot just a few minutes before it starts.

    It always amuses me, especially at Epcot, when folks push and shove to be right in front by the lake to see the fireworks and yet most of the action takes place up in the air!

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    If you can find a comfortable spot to spend a long wait it may be worth it at MK, but beware of adults/children/pushchairs ending up in front of you.
    I can't stand for too long so we don't queue any more, too much hassle, we just find a reasonable spot before the events.
    If you research here you should find tips on good places to watch parades from.

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    At the busy time of year, (Christmas holiday) we actually get a space about an hour beforehand - but a lot of the good places are already gone for the parades. The less crowded times of year, you can get a place on the kerb/at the front right up to the parade starting.
    For the fireworks, we just turn up a couple of minutes beforehand and look to the sky.

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    It just depends on your own preference. Just be mindful of the people who DO stake out a spot for an hour or so. You want to make sure they get the good view they waited for, or at least you're not the one who takes it away from them.

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    It really depends on what time of the year you are going. The truth is I wouldnt waste an hour waiting for a parade when there are so many things I could do during that hour.

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