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Thread: savannah or normal room at disney animal kingdom lodge

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    big question, do we really need to spend more money for the savannah view at the animal kingdom lodge or is the standard room ok :/ I dont want to pay less and feel disappointed but at the same time the savannah view is a lot more

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    There are many convenient and comfortable public viewing areas throughout the AKL so you don't need a savannah view to see the animals.

    However, if you want to see animals directly from the comfort of your room, then a savannah room is awfully nice!

    When staying at Kidani Village, there are two savannah views, one is the main savannah and one is smaller and not as dramatic, so be sure to know which one you are accepting.
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    I fully agree with Tink here. There are many places at the lodge to view the animals. What the Savannah view offers is a great view from your balcony.

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