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Thread: whats to see at the Kennedy space centre?

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    What is there for a family to do at Kennedy space centre these days? Im wondering if its worth spending money to get there

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    I went there last year and if you are interested in space it is amust.I find half a day was enough

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    Actually I reckon it`s worth spending a whole day there IMHO.
    When you get there you can take a tour bus [at your allocated time] which takes you all around the complex with stops here and there.
    The Imex movie [shot by the Shuttle astronauts] is a must and again this is pre booked as you enter KSC.
    Apart from that, there are loads of exhibits including a complete Saturn V rocket as used in the Apollo missions, not to mention the loads of other rockets in the grounds and other exhibits.
    I understand that there is also a Shuttle simulator which I must try one day.

    If you and your family are remotely interested in space exploration then KSC is well worth a day out.
    I spent a full day there a few years ago when I did an Astronaut Training Course which was just amazing.

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    Check out our own section on KENNEDY SPACE CENTER

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