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Thread: Spring is coming , our badgers are back

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    last night we all ( including the cats) sat in hushed tones in the conservatory whilst 2 badgers noshed the peanuts I'd put out on the step - nothing quite so cute as the noise they make when doing that - . For me this is one of the first real signs of teh wakeup after what has been a long cold winter.

    Birds are definitely getting jiggy as well - saw a blackcap in the garden last few days!!

    Now the challenge is - how do I photograph the badgers? is there going to be an easy way of lighting the garden or do I go for a IR camera - hmmm

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    I noticed the other day that we have 2 badgers setts in our fields [I rarely enter the fields so this came as quite a surprise!]
    The only problem is that they are located some distance from the house so I doubt whether photographing them is an option for me.
    I`ve never seen them close to our house although I did spot one crossing our drive a couple of years ago.

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    serioulsy tempted to buy a camera trap - they are not that much money and have an astonishingly long battery life and can take good quality films and photos in IR

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