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Thread: Victoria and Albert's Chefs table?

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    Hiya - how does the chefs table differ from the normal tables with the exception of being in the kitchen, which sounds noisy and being much more expensive?

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    I believe (but have never been) that the chef visits with you and learns your personal preferences and then makes you your own custom tailored dinner.

    It's not noisy as I understand it? It's the show place kitchen for all of WDW, so it's going to be something very special.

    I think our Slowhand has done this?

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    We`ve done the Chef`s Table on a couple of occasions.
    As Tink said, the Chef introduces him/herself and then prepares your meal taking account of any of your dietary requirements etc.
    As such you don`t choose your meal from a menu, although a tailor made menu is given to you when you are about to leave.
    It is a bit more relaxed on the Chef`s Table. The gentlemen are allowed to remove their jackets, although they must be on when you get escorted through the main dining area if you need to visit the restroom.

    It`s nice being able to watch the chef`s at work in the Kitchen and you are free to ask away with any questions you have.

    IMHO, the Chef`s Table is ideal if there are more than 2 of you there. I went with my DW on our first visit and although we had a great time, sharing the experience with dining partners is by far the best approach.

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    Sounds great.

    Idea for me,Dorothy,Johnie,Becca and the kids next year then!

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    LOL. Spit Wads w/ risotto in a white wine sauce, anyone?

    I'm pretty sure they wouldn't let us NEAR that kitchen

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