Went to Bodium today and they were doing a 'have a go at falconry day'

REally great bunch of guys running it and for 2 - yes 2 !! they let you put the glove on and fly the birds back and forth for 15 minutes

Well people came and went and the Barn owl got lots of oohs and aahs, our boys flew a vulture 'cos they are weird like that - not so cute but a magnificent creature

Anyway when it all went quiet the chap asked me what I was drooling over and I said the huge grey Eagle at the back

Apparently its a Chilean Eagle and they are just bringing it along to these events at the moment to get her used to people - when it went quiet they brought her out for a quick perch to perch fly ona tether

However being Bodium Castle there were much more interesting roosts for her to perch on so I was clicking away like a nut - it is a crying shame that the met office cocked up yet again and sent us dark grey clouded skies when the forecast yesterday was for clear bright sun all day - ah well.

This animal is now my favourite raptor ever - a stunning stunning animal - yes he flight shots are grainy but I had to up the iso and the shutter speed just to catch her - on a sunny day I would really have got some crackers once my eye was in.

Now my favourites...

I am going to work on cloning out the tether and straps but bath time for the kids beckons