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Thread: what do you look for when booking a villa?

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    Just wondering, what do you look for when booking a villa? Is the area most important to you or the features of the villa or the price?

    Which areas have you stayed at which you liked or really didn't like all that much?

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    OKW: Not near a bus stop. Close to a pool. Not ground level.

    SSRS: Congress Park. Lagoon view. Not ground level.

    For OKW, we want to be on the last building of a given street not near the bus stop so you don't hear the bus as often. Close to a pool but not right next to it. We like having a deck above ground. We've been in a deluxe studio and 2-bedroom that were both close to the Turtle Pond bus stop. Very noisy.

    For SSRS, Congress Park is what we always request as that's the closest to DD. We typically get a lagoon view near a pool. Nice, short walk to DD and the main building.


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    Jamie, I suspect that the question related to off site villas, not the DVC units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowhand, post: 247044
    Jamie, I suspect that the question related to off site villas, not the DVC units.
    D'oh! I bet you are correct. I just assumed DVC but I can see how it could be external villas as well since the question applies to both....

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    We have found it's a whole host of reasons that people book ours but mostly they either have beed referred ( which is always nice) or they just get a 'feel' for it.

    There are many reasons people choose though and they can be:- price, distance to theme parks, gated community, aspect of pool, decor, near restaurants, etc - the list goes on

    We are lucky as we get lots of repeat guests and I take that as a real compliment, as it means they like our home :-)


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    I now know the areas I prefer to stay, so once I find villas there and look on villa adverts I always go straight to the photos of the pool area. If that ticks boxes I do a quick run through the rest of the photos and then go on to the costs. I might look for availability before that though.

    So from that, I guess the area, then the pool is very important. Not overlooked and no neighbours with pool netting right up close.

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