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Thread: what disney badges/pins are there for special occasions?

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    Someone said that you can get a pin for your first visit and I've seen anniversary ones too. So what other pins are available, birthday I guess?

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    All three you mentioned plus I've seen the badges that just say 'I'm celebrating today' plus 'family reunion'

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    Last year, I had already known I was proposing just before Illuminations at EPCOT. The next night, we celebrated with a nice dinner at the Yachtsmen Steak House. When I made the ADR, I had it setup as "engaged" as last year was all about special events at Disney.

    When we checked-in, she had "engaged" buttons for us :-)

    When we were visiting Vero Beach and SSRS in early February, we were given "just married" buttons, even though we were married last fall :-)

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