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Thread: Whats the best restaurant for a nice adult meal?

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    We tried to find a nice place last time we were there but they all seemed to close early

    Where would you recommend for a nice romantic meal at disney world these days?

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    Well the ultimate place is obviously V & A`s, and the price reflects this!

    Other less expensivce choices would be The Blue Zoo, Citrico`s, The Bistro de Paris or Jiko`s, all of which are ideal for that special meal. [There are probably loads more suggestions but those are the ones that immediately spring to mind.]

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    Artist Point is very nice too as is Yachtman's Steakhouse. Some folks like Flying Fish,but it's a bit small.

    We find Bistro to be the most adult (in both menu choices and lack of noise ). It does close at nine though as it's in the park.

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    If I were at Epcot, Le Cellier has recently updated their menu. The atmosphere in there is low lighting, rustic aesthetics. Bistro De Paris I hear is the place for romance.
    I liked the Plaza restaurant at MK. Limited seating made for a more intimate setting than Tony's. Romantic turn-of-the-century decor. Tony's is romantic just because of the "Lady & The Tramp" reference. I went with a couple of friends (who are now married) and got a pic of them doing the spaghetti kiss. HAHA!

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