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Thread: Swim with dolphins?

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    We have been to DC twice and loved it both times, infact the second time was the better visit. We had spoke to them prior to our visit about Connah as we did on our last visit, however this time just us 4 went into the lagoon alone, it was superb, Connah and Aimee got a little more time than usual. Overall a great day.

    We did think about doing it again this time but opted for the Adventure Express Tour at Seaworld, with park admission it works out quite expensive but i am sure we will all enjoy it.

    We fancy this year catching the fireworks too in the evening. Looking forward to it.
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    Mick if it`s just you and Denise going at some point you could try the Twilight package, that`s the one we did. the only difference is you wade with the dolphins rather than swim, they also give you goggles so as you can go underwater and watch them jumping it`s sooo cool, then of course you have the amazing dinner with around 50 desserts mmmm drinks all included, and we had a steel band ,also amazing servers they come to your table and take you up to dance etc, i would recommend it, a fab evening

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    forgot to say, the food is MAGNIFICENT. Seriously. I think I'd pay just for the food. Tip,though don't put your own sunscreen on, they provide you with dolphin friendly stuff on the Day. Also, make sure you put the cream on BEFORE the jackety thing. Mine shifted and I got burnt badly where I !thought! The jacket was covering, and it blistered. I had to wear vest tops for the rest of the gol because sleeves hurt me so much.
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    I have always wanted to swim with the dolphins and I'd give anything to do DC for a day!! The problem is, it's so darn expensive for just a one day thing.

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