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Thread: DVC yearly costs

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    I went to a meeting and I think I understand the initial points costs but are there other costs like a yearly maintenance cost and can this go up a lot?

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    There is a yearly maintenance cost and it changes every year but it is such a small amount we hardly notice it and we have 250 points. Hubby is looking forward to purchasing more points later on. We have a large family and usually travel with at least 9 but most of the time 12 of us so we always get either a 2 bedroom villa or we get 3 or 4 studios and then we know everyone has a room.


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    We`ve been members since 1992 and in all that time the Annual Dues have not risen significantly.
    They are based on a cost per point basis and from memory we paid around $700 last year for our allocation of 310 points.

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    Same here. The dues have not risen significantly at all. Some years there were no increases.

    Slowhand and we both have the same home resort, OKW which is the original (and largest villa size wise) DVC. Dues are lower than some of the others, as well.

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