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    Could anyone tell me what TEPPAN EDO is like and what was your favourite dish

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    Have you ever been to a Japanese steakhouse? Benihana? If so, it's like that. THey seat you around the teppanyaki gril (usually seats 8 people, you'll sit with others if you don't have that many in your party). The chef cooks everything in front of you. You typically get a salad and a soup more of a broth really). They cook veggies and any meat you order. Teppan Edo gives you white rice. I've always enjoyed it when we've gone.

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    I like the steak and shrimp combo, can I had it on the dining plan?

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    Giant shrimp.

    We really enjoyed it there even though the other group on our table refused to speak to us. Steven recommends the sushi too.

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    do we have the menu for this on this site or is it somewhere else please?

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    This is one of my favorite places to eat while at WDW. We usually have it once or twice per trip.I normally order the Steak and Shrimp or Steak and Scallops. The chef does a little comedy routine while preparing the food which my daughter finds funny.

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