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Thread: what are your favourite disney rides?

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    I guess this is asked a lot but anyway here goes

    in each of the parks which rides do you love the most? we're getting a bit excited here about our next trip and would love to read

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    I love the buzz light year ride and also good old favourite still is Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios we won fast pass tickets on that ride.
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    It's gotta be (in no particular order):

    • Tower of Terror - Disney Studios
    • Haunted Mansion - Magic Kingdom
    • Splash Mountain - Magic Kingdom
    • Star Tours - Disney Studios
    • Soarin' - EPCOT
    • Test Track - EPCOT

    Tom (... I probably missed some... )

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    tower of terror,soarinand test track

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    buzz lightyear totally every time

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    Tower of terror and toy story in Studios
    Splash mountain and big thunder mountain in Magic kingdom
    Soarin' and mission space in Epcot

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    wow all you daring thrill ride people !

    haunted mansion number 1 always
    Buzz lightyear
    carousel of progress
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    Cumming, GA. A small suburb of Atlanta.
    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 247777
    carousel of progress
    Argghhhhhh.... forgot that one!

    That's my all time favoritest (sp ?) one of all!

    Guess where I rode that for the first time. Go on, guess...

    Ok, I'll tell you. It was at the 1964 New York World's Fair. It was one of the attractions Walt Disney built for that event. But it was called "Progressland" there and was sponsored by General Electric. Also saw the introduction of "It's a Small World" there as well as Ford's Magic Skyway.

    Wonder if I've still got any pictures? I'll have to look sometime.

    Tom (... there's a great, big beautiful tomorrow!)

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    MK - Haunted Mansion, POTC, Splash Mountain, BTRR, the People Mover and Carousel of Progress

    DHS - Tower of Terror, Toy Story Mania, Backlot Tour, Great Movie Ride

    AK - Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safari

    EPCOT - Soarin', Mission Space, Test Track, Maelstrom

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    Test Track
    Mission Space
    Buzz Lighyear

    my best fave rides tho are at IOA & Seaworld

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