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Thread: ok to buy a resort refillable mug from ebay?

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    I've read that it can save money to buy a refillable mug from ebay but other people say its wrong and illegal? Can anyone clear this up for me? I'd quite like to have all the mugs ready for us to take without having to buy when we get there?

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    The point of the refillable mug is its a one off purchase for your current vacation only. You buy it at the food court of your resort, its then only valid for the current vacation you are on and only in the food court of the resort that you are staying at.

    They certainly shouldn't be selling them on ebay. For the sake of what, $15 for a refillable mug, its a great purchase for free refills for your entire vacation.

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    Folk sell all sorts of things on Ebay. We did the DCL Panama Canal cruise in January, and someone was selling things on Ebay they had received as fish Extender gifts and making out they were DCL limited editions. There was a pin that someone had had made for everyone, but was not Disney, and a Lanyard that someone had designed and printed off a pocket insert with the cruise details, again not Disney but giving the impression they were. There have also been things like butter knives from a Disney Dream restaurant on there too!!!

    Sorry, a little off topic!

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