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Thread: How long in each park?

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    How many hours or days do you think you would spend in each park during a two week holiday?

    Im trying to work out which tickets to get you see?

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    To save running around like a headless chicken taking in all of the rides and attractions, I would work on 2 days for MK, 2 days for Epcot, 1 day for DHS and 1 day for AK.
    Arguably you could easily spend more time than even that in order to say that you have "done" the parks.

    Please remember to allow some rest days inbetween the park visits though as you will be doing a heck of a lot of walking when you are there

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    Are you going to spend time at Universal or Seaworld or anywhere else since that means you won't need a Disney day on your hopper for those days.

    If I were only going to do Disney, I'd probably get a 10 day hopper and just plan on not doing a park the day I arrive, the day I leave, and then have 2 days for DTD, some hotel gift shop browsing, and hanging out by the pool and having a day to just relax

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    we did 2 days at mk and hs and ak and 1 day at epcot.
    because i couldnt spend the whole day in each park i went early in the morning to each one and left by afternoon then the next visit i went early afternoon and stayed to watch the late evening show at mk and hs. at epcot we had dinner at the garden grill around 5pm so we recovered enough to stay on for the illuminatios.
    we still didnt see everything though!!

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    If the kids are with me (heck, they're adults now!), it's opening till closing at a park. We tend NOT to hop as the kids will enjoy every last second of that specific park. The only caveat to that is Extra Magic Hours. We will typically go to the park of our choice and hop to the park with extra hours to maximize our park time!


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