....... yep more bird photos

:angry: after a day of glorious dappled sunlight it was.... raining , and cold, and grey and frankly I'm getting hacked off with this country I know clearly compared with half the planet we havd NOTHING to complain about at all but it owuld be nice to feel warm for just once and not have to have the car light s on pretty much all the day.

Anyway Battle high woods, the reason we went was the SOS website had spotted 10 or more crossbills feeding in there

.... which we didn't find.

These are the least awful of the shots - always carry a bag of sunflower seeds around if there are friendly birds about even in a wood ;)

I LOVE these birds, I think although I flirt with other species these are my absolute favourites adn I will always remember the day a pair came to the garden.

... now I don't know why because I took some much better Robin shots the oher day but I really really like this one...

And for the twitchers - may I present the worst photograph ever recorded of a Goldcrest ;)

Top branches of a crazy high tree in the rainy gloom - tiny dots flying about - click click clikc and then zoom in to see what they were

IMO that still couts as a 'spot'