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I think its a lovely idea and what a great daughter. As others have said she must have thought long and hard about it and i am glad you have now accepted.
in actual fact took her no time at all to decide what she wanted to do :D

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Mick it certainly sounds like you have raised a wonderful daughter and now she is trying to return the favor. She sounds like she is an excellent business woman able to overcome the odds in today's economy and now she wants to return some of that success to her loving Dad.
im stunned at how well she is doing john, while others are struggling shes growing fast. and to say im suprised at what a great business brain she has, seeing as she was a dollydaydream when she was younger os beyond my expections

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That is lovely Mick, what a wonderful present. I know the weather can be hit or miss for xmas but have spent many sunny xmas days sunbathing in florida.
thats the trouble tho karen you can never tell from one year to the next. now i have to try and convince denise to go at xmas, that will not be easy lol