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Thread: Information pages?

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    Are there any pages with information about prices menus and things?

    Im only asking because Ive already noted down more recent information on these forums than at the other outdated site I used to use but it would be good if they were altogether somewhere

    I can help put something together if you like because it seems like you already have the uptodate information

    really enjoying it by the way so thanks

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    It's all being put together at the moment. The whole start up took off faster than we anticipated so we got the forums up and running because that's what was important at the time. Now it's all hands on deck to get the main site up and current.

    Keith!!!!!! There's a sucker, I mean volunteer, over here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn, post: 21329
    Keith!!!!!! There's a sucker, I mean volunteer, over here.
    ooooo excellent thanks!

    As Dawn says, we're putting together a great set of pages on Disney and the other parks Any contributions, new menus, photos or suggestions are most welcome
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    Don't worry- all hands are on deck to get the site finished. we have a homepage prototype! :p015:
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