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Thread: whats at the animal kingdom

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    ok yeah animals but I mean what is there to do there? will it really use up a full day??

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    You can certainly spend at the very least a full day there
    Apart from all of the fantastic animal attractions, there is a daily parade, Festival Of The Lion King Show, Finding Nemo Show, Flights of Wonder Show.
    There are rides and attractions galore.

    Check out our Animal Kingdom page for more info HERE

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    I adore Flights of Wonder and just love the big owl.

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    our day started with character breakfast at tusker house then a safari ride thing! then we went on rides like expedition everest. my fave characters were here pooh and gang and jungle book gang some great photo opp. lion king show. a full day. dont forget if you go to ak you dont need to stay for night show cos i dont think there is one? so maybe finish off at mk or water park. thats if you are not completely exhausted lol.

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    I like AK. I have done a full day there, and that's not even having a sit-down rez for a restaurant. Here's a schedule I have done for a full day:

    #1. Skip b-fast at the resort. What? Not eat BEFORE we get to the park? That's right. Instead, my party & I have gotten on the bus to the park ASAP and been there directly when they open. At that early in the morning, the animals are still in sleepy-mode and aren't really happy to see guests. Instead, we've by-passed the attention traps and gone to Pizza-fari which serves (at last time I checked) breakfast. The same b-fast they serve in the cafeterias in the All-Stars, at least. French toast sticks, yogurt, meat, eggs, etc. Best of all, NO ONE else is in there eating so it makes for a nice little start to the day.

    #2. The Safari. Either go ahead and do stand-by or get a Fast Pass for later. You don't want to miss the drive through the savanna and jungles to see those animals in the wild. A treat for the whole group when you can see a baby giraffe eating leaves off a tree or seeing hippos wading in the water. AK has stocked the park full of animals you will never see in a standard zoo.

    #3. The "treks". There are a couple walk-abouts where you can walk along paths and see the animals such as the tigers & gorillas. Do these early in the day before it gets too hot and the animals are just laying around taking naps in the heat.

    #4. Expedition Everest. Either get a Fast Pass or ride stand-by. I've never had to wait more than 45 min. in stand-by. Generally the line goes pretty quickly. Do this when most people are eating lunch or dinner. As you've waited longer to eat b-fast, you'll be less hungry at "lunch time".

    #4. Lunch. I like the quick serve Yak & Yeti. I've never done the sit-down restaurants but when I go next month, we are eating at Tusker House for lunch. I'll let you know how it is.

    #5. The shows. See Finding Nemo and Festival of The Lion King at the hottest part of the day since it will get you out of the sun and heat at least for a little while. While you're at FOTLK, that's where the character Meet n Greet is for M&M, Donald, C&D, Goofy, etc.

    #6. Bugs Life/Tree of Life. See reason above.

    #7. Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade. So cute! and a must-see since it's the only special event at the park during the day. The "floats" are amazing and the Cast Members controlling them are very interactive with the audience.

    #8. Rafiki's Planet Watch. This takes a little time since the only way over and back is the train. But it's interesting to see the "behind the scenes" look at the park and the research that's conducted there.

    #9. Dino-land. Not a fan of this area of the park. The back-in-time-to-collect-a-dino-species ride for Claire Huxtable scared the **** out of me and was really jerky. Not a pleasant experience. But if you have kiddos, there are tamer options for them. In general, I don't even visit this area of the park.

    #10. Nooks & Crannies. There are animal habitats nestled all over the park. Keep your eyes open on your way from attraction to attraction. My favorite is probably the "monkey island" on the way to Everest.

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    NICE review, Gwennie!

    We love AK. Easy to spend the entire day there and not do it all. For as many times as I've been, I've yet to see all the shows!

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