As some of you know Sharon's had this awful cough and wheezing, and it was getting to the point of us all being extremely worried and scared.....

Well, she's seen her consultant today and those symptoms are DEFINITELY down to an infection for which she's been given different antibiotics. Huge sigh of relief all round!

Remember her last update was that the spots on her liver had all but gone, and the affected lung area was reduced by half?

Well the liver has improved even more and her lung is the same!

Her next appointment is in 2 months, and no further treatment is required at this time!

I can't even tell you how scared I was, and how relieved I am now!

Oh, and bless her, her hair has grown back and she has a nice short crop which is now long enough for her to go out without wearing her headscarf.....she's more than amazing, they all are to keep going don't you think?