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Thread: how far is idrive from disney?

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    We may have to take a taxi from disney coronado to international drive a few times, any idea how far and long that would take plus approximate pricing

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    google earth says nearly 11mls and 18mins drive

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    A lot depends on where you intend to go on I Drive.
    It`s not very far from WDW but it is a very long road that runs from US 192 to the outlet mall, way beyond Universal Studios.

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    If you are going to International Drive "a few times", it might be worth considering renting a car. On our recent trip in early February, we rented a nice car for $176 for 8 days. And that wasn't a compact or economy car either. It was a Chevy Malibu that we put nearly 400 miles on.

    Rented from Enterprise.

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