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Thread: Angry birds rio

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    Best app ever

    Life on pause

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    Couldn't agree more! ALready got 3 stars on all levels but have 2 more bananas to find.

    The whole Angry Birds franchise has been a HUGE success. My only concern is the advertising they added to the pause screen in Angry Birds. This has really caused an uproar. It's such a simple thing, yet that simple thing could cause the whole empire to crumble.

    What I don't really appreciate is why us iPhone/iPad/iTouch users are funding the apps for the Android users. My son and co-workers have ALL the same Angry Bird apps but got them free via the various Android stores. That surely doesn't seem fair.

    But back on topic. The Rio game is gorgeous. Stunning backgrounds that really take advantage of the Retina display! Gameplay that is still challenging yet not impossible to overcome.

    Already looking forward to May when the next ""world" unlocks!

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    I have all 3* and pineapples , most on the jungle levels but the whole feel is even better than the first

    my Tshirt red bird gets more comments when I'm out and about than anything

    Havent noticed the ads have to admit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 248640
    Havent noticed the ads have to admit
    They are on the original Angry Birds game anytime you pause the game, assuming you have the latest version of course.

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    Ah ok, some of the bananas are hard to see some are hidden in bushes

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    I'm still in the aircraft hanger levels- My standards are slipping! For once my uni work is getting in the way of my Angry Birds playing rather than the other way around.
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    priorities man !!

    There is a boss battle at the end of the 2 nd world

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    Ooo banana in bush at bottom left level 4-5

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    all stars all pineapples all bananas

    roll on May update

    Still only 1,270th in the world though!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywatcher, post: 248671
    Ooo banana in bush at bottom left level 4-5
    THAT was the very one I had missed.

    So, all stars, all pineapples and all bananas. I haven't hit the achievement for score on the first two worlds, even though I've increased scores on nearly every level!

    You are better than I as I am presently 3,942 worldwide :-)

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