Hi and welcome to our first Disney Secrets get together, which of course isn't really a secret In case you are wondering where we came up with the name, well it's because we wanted to do more than the usual question and answer type of forum. We want to know all the little things that make a disney trip more fun; where is the secret hidden Mickey that you've found, where is your secret place to watch the fireworks and parades, and what is your secret ... Do you get the idea now? I sure hope so :p015: and of course we'll also let you know about any little secrets we find out about too

So, letís get started thenÖÖ.wait, hang on a sec and let me get my notebook open here to my notes

Once upon a time ÖÖÖÖ. Oh darn thatís not where I wanted to start, although it very well could be since...........

Once Upon A Time It All Started With A Mouse

Yep, Uncle Walt sure knew how to get families together to have a good time didnít he? Well thatís what we are doing here at Disney Secrets, coming together to talk about our love of all things Disney. We are a community, a family if you really think about it and we are just thrilled to welcome you to our brand new Disney home.

The very first thing we'd like to do is to say thank you to everyone for the incredible support that you've given us as we get this new site up and running. We came on line a bit sooner than we had expected to and so we were still working the bugs out when folks started dropping by to visit. Right now we only have the forums going, but just wait until you see what the main page looks like! Itís going to be awesome

Now here's the part that just makes everyone do this :rolleyes008:

The Rules

The good news is that we really don't have all that many. We like being laid back and to be honest with you your forum hosts really donít like to have to work too hard, so weíve decided to take it easy on them :dozey:

Letís start with the hard and fast rules that we feel are really important.

If you want to bring a product/service or your commercial website to the attention of the members and the many guests to this forum, please email admin@wdisneysecrets.com. This includes things like having your username the same as your product or website.

And it goes without saying that SPAM will not be tolerated either, well unless itís the stuff that comes in that little can they sell at the grocery store and let me tell you, I donít care what anyone says, that stuff is nasty!!

AND that's it for the hard and fast rules (well so far anyway). I did tell you that we weren't going to have too many now didn't I? :sunny4:

We can't let you all off that easy though, so here are just a few other things like we'd like to ask of you :birdie:

If you have a problem with any member of this site, please let us know if there is something that we can do to help. Just send a PM to either Keith or Tink or any of the forum hosts and that person will get back to you as soon as they can. Also, if there are any posts on the board that you have a problem with, then please use the report this post button on your screen and we will take a look at it and get back to you.

We all know that the written word is very powerful and something said in a teasing manner may be taken the wrong way by another person, which of course brings us to the next rule I guess there was just one more rule, but it's the last one, I promise :g020:

Excessive use of smilies is mandatory (okay - not really) but have fun with them! Be creative! Use them to tell someone that you are teasing and not serious if there is even an off chance that you might be misunderstood. However, please donít use smilies in a sarcastic way because it will just upset them and they might run away.

Signature lines are fun aren't they? Please try to remember that not everyone has a super fast internet connection and some of the bigger type graphics take forever and ever to load.

So, if you've got a nifty picture or a graphic that you think might be too big for the main pages, just use your blog page to put them into. Yep, that's right folks your Blog has all the same features as the forum pages have. So have fun there with graphics, pictures, and or any other things you'd like to put in them.

Just please remember to keep them Disney friendly for us, okay?

Another thing we also need to tell you is that off color, naughty, or just not right for a Disney site type jokes or comments will be taken out and the poster will be sent an explanatory PM. I know what you're going to say so don't say it, well okay, we'll say it then. Yes, we are all mostly adults here, but humor is very subjective according to one's own tastes. However, off color is off color anyway you look at it. If you think someone on here would find a joke about the farmer and his daughters funny, well then feel free to just send it via a PM or e-mail to whom ever you'd like.

Well that about wraps things up for now except for one last thing that I just had to put in here because this is where the Disney magic started for me when I was just a little kid.

Now it's time to say goodbye, to all our company,
M-I-C, See you real soon!
K-E-Y, Why? Because we like you!
M - O - U - S - E