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Thread: Traveller's cheques or prepaid travel card?

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    What is the best way of taking dollars to the USA for a holiday? Travellers cheques feel safe because they will be replaced but are they still generally accepted in stores, restaurants, etc?

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    T/Cs are widely accepted throughout Florida.
    You will probably be asked for some form of I.D. when you spend them...a UK driving licence should be ok to save you lugging your passport around with you.

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    I've always used a pre-paid credit card, usually get a slightly better rate too..
    Caxton FX is the company I have the account with, no monthly fee's, and no ATM withdrawal fee's, No usage fee's either..

    I have 1 Euro Master Card and 1 Dollar Master card with them. Im going to be using my euro card in may for Disneyland Paris.

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    I always feel that my money is safer in travellers cheques and a small amount of cash. I can also use my debit card if I need more cash or credit card for settling hotel bills.

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