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Thread: Are we allowed into the parks early/late for dining?

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    my mind working overtime if we have dining reservations which are before or after official park opening/closing times, do they let us in? What about things like a party night but our reservation takes us past official closing time?

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    They wouldn't have let you make the ADR if you couldn't get in to the park. The only exception to this that I know of is during the Christmas holidays and maybe July 4 when the park hits capacity.

    Additionally you should not have been able to make a ADR that starts after official park closing hours unless it is on a party night.

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    In the morning, there is a special line for those with ADR's before opening

    If dinner is after park closing, I would plan to be there before it closes but that's just me. If you have an ADR during a party night, you will have to have a ticket for the party

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