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Thread: TRON: Legacy on DVD

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    Tron Legacy is being released on DVD on April 5th.

    Just sayin'....I'll be buying it.

    It was a hot movie. I don't think people gave it enough credit. It WAS nominated for an Oscar (best sound editing, I believe...)

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    It was SUPERB I'll be buying it as soon as it's available. My only regret is watching it on anything smaller than a full cinema screen because it just won't be done justice.

    Interestingly, or not, I dragged a few people along from work to see it... they all said it was rubbish, and no one else I know liked it either but I care not, they're clearly deluded
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    really , was it? , still rather too nervous to watch it - may get it on 3d blu ray if it comes out but still anxous as the original was an important part of my yoof

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