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Thread: 300 G.I. Joes To Parachute Friday At Disney

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    If you're at Walt Disney World on Friday and you happen to see something that looks like a scene out of "Toy Story," have no fear, the army men haven't escaped from the theme parks.

    Hundreds of G.I. Joe action figures will parachute to safety off of a hotel at Walt Disney World on Friday.

    The mark the beginning of G.I. Joe Convention Weekend, known as GIJoeCon, at the Dolphin hotel, 300 3.75-inch action figures will go flying from the roof around 10:30 a.m.

    It's no April Fools joke, the stunt has taken place at several past G.I. Joe conventions. (Video of the 2009 drop in Kansas City is above.)

    Convention organizers say the drop itself is closed to the public and is only open to pre-registered weekend passholders.

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    If this is really true, then very cool.

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    Good grief, a GI Joe convention?!

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